Voicemail security

Voicemail security.

We want to help you keep your personal information safe and secure. Callers leave all kinds of information in private voicemail messages to you. This may be information that you want to keep private. There are already procedures in place to protect you, but there are things you can also do to make sure that your information and voicemails are further protected.

Set up a voicemail PIN.

You can set up a 4 to 8 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) to help protect your voicemail messages. This means only you can access your voicemail, stopping other people like hackers from listening to your messages.

When you first set up your voicemail with us, you'll be asked to choose a PIN and record your voicemail message. You won't be able to access your voicemail from any other phone until you've set up a voicemail PIN.

To set up a PIN:

  1. Call 123 from your phone
  2. Select 4
  3. Select 2
  4. Select 1
  5. Enter a PIN followed by #
  6. Enter the PIN again followed by #

Your voicemail PIN will now be set up. No one from Three will be able to find out what your PIN is, so only you'll know it.

Tips to help you chose a PIN:

  • Avoid using repeated digits, e.g. 112233
  • Avoid anything obvious e.g. your birthday
  • Your PIN needs to be easy to remember but difficult for other people to guess
  • Change your PIN regularly
  • Change your PIN if you suspect someone else may have guessed it.

When to use your voicemail PIN:

You'll always be asked to enter your phone number and PIN if you access your voicemail from another mobile or landline phone.

We recommend that for the highest level of security, you choose the option that requires you to enter your phone number and PIN whenever you access your voicemail:

  1. Call 123 from your phone
  2. Select 4
  3. Select 2
  4. Select 2
  5. Select 1 to turn off fast log in
  6. End the call

You'll now need to enter your PIN whenever you access voicemail. There is no default PIN for voicemail. The only PIN that exists is the one you set up.

Tips on making your voicemail more secure:

  • If you access your voicemail from another phone, you'll always be asked to enter your PIN. Always keep this number private and avoid obvious numbers.
  • You can improve voicemail security on your phone by choosing to enter your phone number and voicemail PIN everytime you use voicemail, as above.
  • You can also set up a PIN to protect your phone in case you lose it or it gets stolen. This will help make sure that only you can use your phone, protecting your voicemail as well as access to other services. You can find out how to set up a PIN on your phone by going to our device help pages and selecting your phone.



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