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About Mobile Broadband text messaging.
About Mobile Broadband text messaging.

Does my dongle have a phone number?

Every dongle has a SIM card which has its own phone (or Mobile Broadband) number. Any text messages sent from your dashboard will show as being sent from this number. You can find out how to check what your Mobile Broadband number is here.

Can I still send text messages if I have Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband?

Yes, but make sure before you send any messages you check your credit or top-up your account. When you do buy a top-up, make sure you don't convert all of it to a data allowance, otherwise you won't have any credit left to send texts. You'll still be able to receive messages even if you run out of credit.

Do I have a text allowance on my Mobile Broadband account?

If you bought your Mobile Broadband dongle with a laptop you'll have a text allowance. To check your text allowance go to My3. Standard charges apply when you go over your inclusive allowance. For more information see our Price Guide.

How do I send text messages using Mobile Broadband?

Find out how to send text messages from your Mobile Broadband dongle here.

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