Manually setting up a non-Three phone for the Three network.
Set up your non-Three phone for picture messaging (MMS) and the mobile internet.

There are two options for setting up your non-Three phone on the Three network. We can send the settings to you ‘over the air' (OTA) by text message or you can enter them manually. The quickest and easiest way is to get them sent over the air but not all phones support this. OTA settings don't work on BlackBerrys or phones running Android or Windows Mobile, so you'll need to manually enter the settings from the table below. If you have any other phone, we should be able to send you the OTA settings and your phone will automatically be updated. If you have a non-Three iPhone click here.

Get OTA settings

Go to our phone settings page here and enter your phone number, then select your phone's manufacturer and model. If you're not sure which phone you're using, click on ‘Can't find your handset?' at the bottom right then enter the first eight digits of your phone's IMEI (serial number) and click enter. You can get your phone's serial number to appear on its screen by entering *#06#.

A new section will open after you have entered your phone's details or serial number. If you see the option to tick “Accessing the 3 Internet Services” and “Sending and receiving picture messages (MMS)”, your phone supports OTA settings. Select these options and click on “send settings”. When you receive this text you'll need to accept it to make sure the settings are installed on your phone.

If you only see the option “Sending or receiving text messages (SMS)” your phone doesn't support OTA settings and you'll have to enter the settings manually from the table below.


Manual settings

To set up your non-Three phone for the Three network manually you may need to refer to your phone's user guide or the manufacturer's website to find out how to do it. Unfortunately, because there are so many different mobile phones available, we can't provide instructions for all makes and models but the settings below should work.

Here are the settings you need:

Name Setting What's it for?
Internet APN Connects your mobile to the Three network for web, email etc
Browser homepage Gives you Planet 3 and quick access to top mobile internet sites like Twitter and Facebook
For sending and receiving picture and video messages (MMS)

MMSC proxy address For sending and receiving picture and video messages (MMS)
MMSC proxy port 8799 For sending and receiving picture and video messages (MMS)
MMSC For sending and receiving picture and video messages (MMS)
SMSC Address +447782000800 For sending and receiving text messages